Titel Presentator
Not “Just a nurse” – Neuroscience nurses: Advancing patient care, advancing the specialty Lori Madden (USA) 25
Applied Lumbar Anatomy and Pathophysiology Andrea Strayer (USA) 148
Nurse led translation of care for pediatric hydrocephalus patients reaching adulthood Christi DeLemos (USA) 146
EVD: Research or Routine Sharryn Byers (Australia) 183
The Role of Neuroplasticity in Preserving Brain Health Vida Demarin (Croatia)
“Lets get physical” – The art of movement through a structured rehab/warriar program Sandra Krpez (Australia) 90
Deducing, detecting and mitigating the causes of “Talk and Die” in moderate TBI Cindy Sullivan (USA) 209
Cervical spine Surgeries; Case Studies Vania Bernatsky 134
Concussion: what’s happening in 2017? Vicki Evans (Australia) 157
Decision-making of end-of-life care in a neurological hospital ward in Iceland: A study protocol Gudrun Jonsdottir (Iceland) 100
Vitamin D: Wonder Pill or Over Kill? Cissi Wimberly (USA) 10
Fall risk assessment in patients with neurologic disorders Snjezana Puzak (Croatia) 5
Neuroscience Clinical Excellence: It Starts with You Virginia Prendergast & Joanne Hickey (USA)
Basic Neuroimaging: Making Sense of The Shadows Cathy Cartwright (USA) 8
Humour as a Nursing Intervention Aschwin van Loon (NED) 1
Sepsis and Septic Shock Dawn Tymianski (Canada) 178
What did we miss? Lesson learned from the deterioration of patients on a neuroscience ward Charmaine Arulvarathan (Canada) 30
Long term neurological disorders: can music enhance cognition, movement and quality of life? Steve Smith (UK) 6
Education and Neuroscience Nursing. The Contemorary Challenge Niel Cook (Northern Ireland) 48
Business Woman: Neuroscience Nurse Linda Littlejohns (USA)
Effect of integrated nursing and therapy program on cerebrovascular disorder patients Usami Noriko (Japan) 114